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Welcome to Forestree Academy!

Here is a learning ecosystem, rooted in months and months of dedication from the Forestree Team and planted to help you succeed.

As your VCE academy, our goal has always been to provide affordable excellence to you regardless of your ability or background. We believe in two things; our teaching, and you, our student. And we want to teach you to believe in yourself too.

Because you can. At Forestree, our courses operate on a Learning Management System – a state-of-the-art platform carefully designed by our team to ensure that your learning is effective, efficient and personalised.

For our VCE Unit 3&4 Maths Methods course, you’ll find all the areas of study split into “trees” (along with exclusive Forestree features, including CAS techniques), then “branches” of specific topics, then “leaves” of your bite-sized video lessons. You’ll see that this unique categorisation promotes organisation not only of the content we teach, but also impacts the way it’s filtered into your mental hard-drive.

Our forum is another Forestree-exclusive feature. From the very beginning, this Academy has been founded on community, and we wanted it to translate to our students. Forestree’s Forum exists for for you to share your ideas and learn from other students, too, so make sure to check it out and introduce yourself after you sign up! (we promise you we don’t bite!)

Lastly, a note about our blog, which you can look toward for easy viewing of announcements, updates, exam tips, success stories, and in future installations, more content curated by the Team!

Now that you’ve finished reading this looong article, how about you try it yourself, and you know what’s better, 14 days money back guaranteed!

We can’t wait to see how far you go. Remember, we’re ROOTing for you!

Larry @ Forestree

Larry @ Forestree

Larry is the Co-founder of Forestree Academy. He completed Maths Methods in 2020 with a perfect study score of 50.

Got a question? Our team will get back to you ASAP!

About Forestree

Forestree Academy is an Australian educational organisation founded in 2020 by VCE High Achievers (50ss) with the goal of providing accessible and affordable excellence to everyone. It is an online learning system with lessons in the form of short videos and communication with qualified tutors in real time. It also provides supplementary course materials for students who wish to achieve high scores.

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