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by the Forestree High Achievers Team (50ss)

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Methods can be tricky. Trust us, we get it – we did it in 2020, lockdown and all. With the year it was, we wish it could have been easier.

…So we made an online course. Packed with all the foundations and tricks that we want to pass on to make it easier for you.

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At Forestree Academy, we want to provide high quality education that is accessible and affordable. And, we want you – to believe in you, but also, to teach you to believe in you too, so you can excel. 

The best resources

Our Methods course has far more than just the basics, with specialised exam and CAS technique modules that are crucial to success.

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Students at Forestree Academy have access to the Forestree Forums, Blog and real time communication with our tutors to ensure your learning is effective and personalised.

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Forestree has everything it takes to help you achieve your dream score

Forestree Core

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  • Functions & Graphs Module
  • Calculus Module
  • Probability Module
  • Cas Module
  • Bonus Content
  • 50er Bound Reference
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  • Separator Module
  • Exam Strategy Module
  • Diagnostic Topic Tests
  • 50er Support Forum
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  • 50er Bound Reference
  • Review & Reflection Bundle
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