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Specialist Maths Forest
Forestree Co founder

Larry Pang

Co-Founder of Forestree

Larry is the Co-Founder of Forestree Academy. He completed VCE in 2021 as Dux of his school with the highest ATAR of 99.95 and perfect raw scores of 50 in Maths Methods, Specialist Maths and Physics. Having developed a keen interest in STEM as well as a passion for academics very early in his life, Larry started Forestree believing that a high-quality education should be available to all students, regardless of their background. In his spare time, Larry is an avid reader of physics literature and an excellent badminton player. He also enjoys caring for his cat.


Our Story

As the year 2020 introduced itself to the world, so did we, as hopeful VCE students determined to make it our oyster. This, however, proved itself to be more difficult than we ever imagined, when the lockdowns and isolation eventually hit.

People needed help – we needed help. Fortunately for us, the access to the extra support and tutoring we needed was there. But not everyone can pay, say, $90 a lesson – just to achieve their goals, to enter their dream course.


It wasn’t the first time that this issue had crossed our mind, but it was the first time we realised we could do something about it. We had the scores, but most importantly, we had the drive now. We would make it our mission to change this.

And so, as October ended, so did our exams, and we began a new journey. While Larry learned to develop an online learning management system now known as the Forestree Student Portal, James diligently laid out the foundations of what is now our seasoned Maths Methods course. And so Forestree Academy introduced itself to the world.

While Forestree is still a sapling, we are still the same hopeful students, determined to make the VCE tutoring landscape truly equal, because it just isn’t right now. But we’re here now! And we want to help you overcome all the barriers between and your own hopes.

Forestree Co founder

James Liu

Co-Founder of Forestree

James is the Co-Founder of Forestree Academy. He completed VCE in 2021 with an ATAR of 99.90 and impressive raw scores of 49 in Methods and 48 in Specialist Maths. From scholarship exam preparation to volunteer tutoring, James has extensive teaching experience across the board. Having seen the obstacles in education, he strives to better the industry through his work on Forestree. James is currently a first-year medical student at Monash. Aside from this, he is an accomplished athlete and plays various sports.

Our Services

Outstanding yet Affordable VCE Education

Raw 50er Courses

Our high achievers teach you absolutely everything we know in our master courses, accomodating intuition-based learning with exam-style examples, leaving no concept behind.

Quality Materials

Diagnostic Tests, bound references, difficult question banks, and much, much more. We dedicate hundreds of hours to craft and curate the best resources to help you succeed.

Mock Exams

Having studied 100+ unique practice exams, our team produces the highest quality trial exam set ever to make you stand out.

Ongoing Support

Our Student Advisors reply 24-hour to any questions you leave below our lessons, to our Instagram, or even in person.

How We do it

The Learning Journey

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    Root Systems

    Starting from the basics, we teach you the intuition so you can fully understand every topic

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    Branching Out

    Countless original practice questions to ensure a comprehensive understanding

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    Tree Tops

    To help you stand out, we provide unique tips and strategies we used to ace our exam, so you can too.

Forestree Academy Student Portal


Pricing & plans

2022 Cohort

1-year access to all course lessons and supplementary materials, visit our subject pages for specifics.

A$ 120
  • Master Class
  • Forest Resources
  • Exam Revision
  • 24/7 Support

2023 Cohort

2-year access to all course lessons and supplementary materials, acquire yourself a competitive headstart advantage.

A$ 300
  • Master Class
  • Forest Resources
  • Exam Revision
  • 24/7 Support

World-Class LMS

Our Learning Platform digitalised the classroom, allowing for an interactive education, personalised support, and a community that just keeps on giving

Quality Course

Each of our VCE course is taught by a raw 50 achiever, we have the best teachers you can find!

24/7 Support

We provide you with 24/7 dedicated support about any possible queries and assistance that you need in your VCE journey

Why Forestree

50er courses for less than A$60 per term?

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Hear What Our Students Are Saying

If you told me at the start of the year that I can learn better from an entire course that’s just $20 more than my $80 an hour private tutor, I wouldn’t have believed you. Yet here I am, and I never felt more confident for Maths!

Shanice L

MM 2021

Going into Year 12 barely passing U1&2 Methods, I was terrified … All my school teacher did was assign the work and then leave the call … without Forestree, I can’t imagine surviving the year, let alone getting A to A+ on all my tests! They teach in a way that’s simple and visual, explaining the intuition of every subject. Thanks for making Methods fun!

Henry M

MM 2021

The Exam Revision pack is a game changer, saving sooo much time. I’m not only revising with the most efficient techniques, but also figuring out a way to stand out in the crowd by learning how to do the most difficult questions with the Separators module.

Liyendra T

MM 2021

The Methods course was a great purchase. I was introduced to separator questions and got to hear tips from the high achievers team through their Exam Revision Module. Small details and formulas I picked up from the student advisors were also key to answering some questions in the final exam which helped me in scoring a high 40. Highly recommend.

Sophie Y

MM 2021

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